2.0mm 5 Rows Aluminum Alloy Baguette Baking Tray

December 30, 2020

Latest company news about 2.0mm 5 Rows Aluminum Alloy Baguette Baking Tray

Product Description

Using 1.0mm high strength aluminium alloy, light material, 1/3 weight of iron;

- Imported coating materials, food-safe and healthy with certification.

- Surface punching design, fast heat transfer, saving baking time and cost.

- 4 rows and 5 rows patterns for your selections, suitable for both bakery and home kitchen

- Closed frame, stable during moving on racks

- Reinforced bar all around for extra solid support and more duarable

- Direct factory supply and lowest cost

- Professional and experienced production with more than 12 years

- T-shine 4 rows baguette tray factory manufcaturer provides professional packing and fast delivery


Product Details


Description 5 rows baguette tray


Thickness 1.0mm
Coating PTFE
Specification 550*400*37
Brand Name T-Shine
Model Number TS5209
Origin China


Product Features


Type of non-stick coating:

There are many types of non-stick baking pan treatments, here we make a brief introduction.Commonly used PTFE general non - stick, PFA super non - stick, silicon non - stick and so on.

Generally non- stick: PTFE, economical, non-stick coating for sugar of less than 11% of the bread, does not exceed 260 ℃ under long time use and maintain the good mechanical strength, low friction coefficient, good wear resistance and the advantages of excellent chemical stability.